New Editions of Dragonbound Books

We are excited to announce new editions of the Dragonbound books with exciting new covers and interiors.

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New YA Paranormal Trilogy

Aos Si¬†When Carla’s mother drags her from their home in Denver to the-middle-of-nowhere Colorado, Carla figures her life is over. But a mysterious neighbor embroils her in a battle between the ancient and powerful Aos Si.

Then she meets Shade, a servant of the evil Aos Si. Carla’s attraction to Shade is as deep as the power flows that surround them, but her attempt to free him from evil sinks them both in deeper and escalates the war.

Grab your flashlight and dive under the covers, because Aos Si will keep you turning pages well past your bedtime.(Christina F York author of Girls Gone Magic)

Coming August 2013

Under Hill… 3 nf small

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The New Dragon Series You’ve Been Waiting For

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Dragonbound series. Dragonbound is a new series of dragon books for older middle-grade readers written by Rebecca Shelley.

Rebecca Shelley first wrote about dragons in her hit book Red Dragon Codex under the pen name R.D. Henham. She followed that up with the silly and exciting Brass Dragon Codex.

Since the end of the Dragon Codex series, readers of all ages have requested more dragon books like the Codex series. The new Dragonbound series is sure to please all those with anxious to get their hands on more dragon books.

The first book in the series is Dragonbound: Blue Dragon.

Life started at Stonefountain.

Near the bubbling fountain of power, the humans and dragons grew up together. Bound by blood, the two races became great and powerful. But with power came division. For not all were bound, and those with the power brought on by the bonding abused that power, subjecting all powerless ones to servitude.

In time the servants rebelled against their masters. Their violent uprising left almost all the bonded dragons and humans dead. From that day on the races separated, fleeing from Stonefountain and claiming their own lands. Distrust and war grew up between humans and dragons. The humans, fearing the power of the dragon bond, killed all those born to bond with the dragons. But some survived.

When Kanvar’s brother comes down with the dragon sickness, his mother learns that her husband and both her sons are Nagas, human traitors that bond with the Great Gold dragons. All three must die. Kanvar’s father is shot in the back and falls from a high window with Kanvar’s brother, leaving Kanvar to escape execution, survive on his own, and face the wrath of a Great Blue dragon whose family has been killed by the humans.

Purchase Dragonbound: Blue Dragon now.

The second book in the series will be Dragonbound: White Dragon and the third will be Dragonbound: Copper Dragon.

Dragonbound: White Dragon

While Kanvar searches for his grandfather, Kumar Raza faces a savage Great White dragon that attacks his village. With no armor and only a fishing spear, Raza kills the white dragon but is mortally wounded in the battle. Raza’s youngest son, Denali, must find a way to save his father and bring him safely out of the frozen wasteland. Lost in a blizzard, hunted by a pack of wolves, followed by the orphaned white dragon hatchling, Denali must use all his wit and skill to survive.

Dragonbound: Copper Dragon

Raahi sees a vision of his homeland’s most sacred burial grounds desecrated by the conquering Maranies. He and Kanvar head to Darvat to stop the destruction, but come up against a powerful mining corporation, General Samdrasen, and the entire Maran army. They’ll need the help of a Great Copper dragon to succeed.

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