Rebecca Lyn Shelley

Rebecca Lyn Shelley lives with her family in a yellow ranch house on a dirt road in “The Valley.” She often chases her chickens around the yard but has not yet purchased a goat named Beverly. Her written works include the epic fantasy romances Windseeker, The Seedtouch, and Worldshifters. She enjoys hearing from her readers and may be contacted from her website,

YA Paranormal Romance

Aos Si Under Hill  Midnight

Epic Fantasy Romance

 The Seedtouch Windseeker

Epic Fantasy

Worldshifters The Obsidian Tower

Short Stories

Wings and the White Horse  A Ship of My Own Blood and Shamrocks The Crimson Scourge How I Blew Up Senior Prom Ilsa's Garden Magic Works Orcs Do Scrying the Stocks Siren Song Things That GrowDark Heart

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