Bulldog now out

For all you Vince and Cat fans, the short adventure Bulldog is now available on Amazon for .99 cents and  Smashwords for free. Eventually it will be free on Amazon and B&N, but that takes some time.


A Vince and Cat Next Generation short adventure.

When a desperate youth tries to mug Vince in Bishkeke, Vince brings him home to train for the President’s Special Forces. His first assignment, a simple date and info drop off turns out to be more difficult and dangerous than he bargained for.

This is soon to be followed by another short adventure.


Brought to the US from Vietnam by human traffickers, Cai kills one of her captors and escapes. Vince and Cat try to help her as she makes plans to free the other girls. But trust doesn’t come easy for Cai, and her actions may get her killed.

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