Bees in My Butt Blog Fest

I’m excited to announced the first ever Smartboys Club Blog Fest to celebrate the release of Bees in My Butt in paperback. Everyone who participated got the first 4 Smartboys Club books for free as ebooks and a coupon code to buy the paperback Bees in My Butt for only $3 instead of the list price of $6.99. In addition we had a drawing for a free Kindle.

And the winner of our drawing was . . . Crystal Kamrowski!!! Congratulations Crystal.

Thanks to all the great people who participated.

Abby Goldsmith, Rebecca Shelley, Crystal Kamrowski, Rebecca Talley, Lynn Parsons, Cheri Chesley, Adrieanna, Matthew, A Book A Day, Noelle Hendrix, Shannon Cornaby, Canda Mortensen, Karen Hoover, Sherilyn Tyler.

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