Great Deal on Bees in My Butt

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Bees in My Butt is being featured Monday for only .99 at The Fussy Librarian, a new website that offers personalized ebook recommendations. You choose from 40 genres and indicate preferences about content and then the computers work their magic. It’s pretty cool — check it out!

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Thanksgiving Special

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we’ve decided to celebrate by putting one of the all-time favorite Smartboys Club ebooks on sale.

My Stomach explodes will be just .99 over the Thanksgiving holidays.

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In the Smartboys Club Book 5, the Smartboys visit a Plymouth Reenactment Park where they get to dress, work, and play like Pilgrim children.

Too bad Monkey’s worst enemy, Eric Dripp, also comes to the park.

As if doing tons of chores isn’t bad enough, Eric and Monkey end up lost in the woods where William Bradford’s warning that they must work together or die takes a turn for the real.

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Why the Change?

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Fans of the Dragonbound series may have noticed that a new edition of the first three Dragonbound books has been released and the first edition books discontinued. Here’s why.

The Dragonbound series was originally planned to be middle-grade fantasy, and the first edition covers reflect that. However, the exciting fourth adventure, which will be published soon, has swayed more toward the YA audience. The length and fast pacing are the same, but the story in book 4 gets a little darker and more gritty with a hint of YA romance. Sensitive parents may want to pre-read Dragonbound IV: Red Dragon before approving it for children under 12. Due to this change in tone of the 4th book, we at Wonder Realms Books have re-branded the covers to reposition the whole series for the YA and general fantasy market.

Feel free to contact Wonder Realms Books through the contact link on this site with any questions about the change. The author, Rebecca Shelley, would also be happy to discuss the new branding with anyone who wishes to speak to her. She can be reached through the contact link on her author website



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